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Led bulb E27 Smart Bulb 7W E14 B22 APP WIFI Remote Control Smart light Wifi Amazon Alexa Light Warm White and RGB BB SPEAKER


BB SPEAKER led bulb E27 Smart Bulb 7W E14 B22 APP WIFI Remote Control Smart light 110V Amazon Alexa Light Warm White and RGB 




Product Features

CR65 is high quality wifi smart bulb. It is built-in wifi module,no hub required. Just connect the bulb directly to your Wifi at home.

1.Wifi relay function-Each smart bulb can create a new WIFI separately through the APP. The WIFI signal is stronger than the family WIFI. It works by creating a new WIFI that magnifies the home wifi signal and expands the coverage of home WIFI. This function can effectively resolve the distance from the home WIFI, resulting in the signal is too weak or unable to connect home WIFI. Currently only this smart light bulb has this feature.
2.DIY colors and brightness-Over 16 million colors available and all of them are dimmable. Deliver up to 500 lumens of light 
3.Mobile APP operation can be controlled by remote. Separate control or group control.
4Timing switch, delay switch
5.Support Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice prompt simultaneously
6.Standard E27,B22,E14 lamp, suitable for various types of household lighting fixture.
8.7W 550 lumens:7 watts of ultra-low power can provide 550 lumens of brightness
9.36 yeasrs lifespan:The average daily use of 3 hours, you can use 36 years.
  • High-quality smart WIFI bulb
  • Control by Wifi
  • ​Support: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android 4.0 and above devices that support BLE
  • System compatibility: the apple iOS, Android 4.0 or above
  • A variety of scenarios optional
  • Infinite range remote contro
  • 16 million colors, You can adjust your favorite color via the phone APP
  • Voice Control and Circadian Mode
  • Reduce energy use up to 80% without brightness or quality loss compared to a 60W incandescent bulb
  • Schedule actions: Schedule your bulb to turn on or off at specific time. Wake up in your favorite color in the mor
  • The color of smart lights will change with the frequency of music
  • The music function in the APP allows the color of the light to change with the rhythm of the music


Product Parameters

1.Control principle: wi-fi
2.Apps type: Do Home
3.Mobile version requirements: Android 4.0 / IOS9.0
4.Light Color:RGB+Warm White
5.Wattage:  7 W
6.Power factor: 0.6
7.Lumens: 550 lm
8.Light Angle: 120
9.Color temperature: 3000K,RGB
10.Number of lights:RGB:5050-0.2W*5,3000k:2835-0.5W*16
11.Working voltage: : 100-264 vac, 50/60 hz
12.Lamp holder types: E27 B22  E14( Configure the conversion head )
13.The effective control distance: visual range 40 meters
14.Product material: chimney: PC, lamp shell: aluminum
15.Service life:    40000-50000 hours
16.Product Code:CR65
17. Product size: 65*133mm


Package includes:

1 * Smart lamp

1 * instruction manual


Mobile APP control operation:Directly connected to WIFI, no need to use a gateway.  support for all iOS iPhone / iPad and Android phone / tablet with Wi-Fi support. Free app allows you to create your own program.It has 16 million     colors that can be adjusted to adjust any color you want.


RGB + warm white:  It has 16 million colors that can be adjusted to adjust any color you can also choose warm white light, make your life more warm.


Works With Alexa and Google home:

You can ask Alexa or Google home
 to change color temperature, color and brightness for CR60.

Color changing example:
Alexa, set the {deviceName} to red

Brightness changing example:
Alexa, set {deviceName} to 90 percent
Alexa, increase {deviceName} by 40 percent

With remote control, you can remotely control all smart light bulbs in your home from anywhere in the world by APP.


Light bulb networking feature: If you purchased more than one of our smart light bulbs. Or later purchased our different style bulbs. You can control these bulbs separately. For example, place all bedroom bulbs in the same group and place the bathroom bulbs in a group. Each team's smart light bulb can then be controlled individually.

With the function of time switch and delay switch, make life easier.