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Led Night Light Alarm Clock for Kids Cute Pig
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Led Night Light Alarm Clock for Kids Cute Pig 


˙ɷ˙Technical Parameters
Material: ABS, White Silicone Night Light
Product size: ca.15 * 15 * 16.5cm
Net weight: ca.290g
Voltage : 5V
Rated power: 1.2W
Lithium battery capacity: 1200 mAH

1. Sound control mode to save power.
☆ Time display auto off after 30s if no action
☆ 60dB sound or pat to wake up time display again
2. Set 2 alarm clocks each day.
☆ 3 sounds to choose (sow, piggy or beep-beep)
☆ Alarm and light will run up 5 min until you pat to stop
3. Kids night light supports to display Calendar, 12/24H mode and Fahrenheit/ Celsius.
4. Auto time memory function.

˙ɷ˙How to Use
Light Mode Setting
①Press ON/ OFF switch button to select sound or silent mode.
②Under silent mode,first pat the surface to turn on warm yellow light,
second pat to 7 colors change in cycle, the third pat to stay on the color you choose.
③Under sound mode, each pat will change light modes and switch sounds between sow and piggy.

Calendar/ 12/ 24H Mode/ Time Setting
①Press "SET" button for 3s, time display will flash for you to set calendar, 12H/ 24H, current time.
②Slide "SET" button left or right to adjust.

Alarm Clocks Setting
①After setting the current time, press "SET" to set the time of the first alarm.
②Press and slide "SET" until shows "on" to activate the alarm, if shows "- -", alarm is off.
③Press "SET" to choose alarm sound
④The second alarm clock is set up in the same way.

Temperature Setting
After setting Alarms, same way to select Fahrenheit or Celsius.

1. Do not disassemble the internal unit and battery to avoid damage the parts.
2. When the product isn't used for a long time, place it in a dry environment.
3. Do not drop the product.
4. Alarm will not sound if did not select sound mode.

˙ɷ˙Package Includes
1 x Night Light
1 x USB cable
1 x Instruction