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E27 220v Led Lamp Acrylic 3W 4.5W With Bluetooth Speaker Music Smart Led Bulb Lamp Fixtures

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Led Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Stereo Audio E27 E26 4.5W Incandescent Controlled by Your Phone  Support for Smartphones PCs Tablets Laptops
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E27 220v Led Lamp Acrylic 3W 4.5W Wireless Wifi Remote Control Bluetooth Speaker Music Smart Led Bulb Lamp Fixtures BB SPEAKER






Why You Choose Us?
①Combination of music and light,fashion and multifunctional
②Energy saving,Low energy consumption, Environmental protection,No stroboflash, No glare, Good color performance.
③Material close to the crystal, durable and wearable.
④Excellent material selection, safe and universal.
⑤Light transmittance is up to 95%, which is 1.5 times of ordinary brands
⑥German imported aluminum alloy heatsink extends the lifespan to over 40,000 hours.
⑦E27 Bass and treble separa  te frequency with Coaxial Speaker,double effect of shock sound quality,power amplifier TI+DSP sound effects.
⑧BB SPEAKER is our own brand, we apply for independent trademarks and patents. We from research and development, production to the final sales are our own commitment. Therefore, our product can   guaranteed
the good quality.
⑨We can guarantee the timely delivery, all the goods generally shipped within 3 days.

1.Open bluetooth of mobile equipment(cellphone,MID,PC,etc.)Search bluetooth named:"BB Speaker."
2.Upon manual operation to pair Bluetooth with your chosen mobile device, a warning tone sounds.(There should be no need for a password but if promopted to enter,put in "0000" or "1234" the BB speaker will be connected). A low-tone warning tone sounds again when disconnected.
3.Succesfully paired devices will be automatically connected the next time of use.

Outer Material:   Aluminium Alloy+Acrylic
Light Socket:E27
Rated Wattage: LED 4.5W,Speaker 3W
Input Voltage: AC85V-240V
Working Frequency:  50/60Hz
Luminous Flux: 600LM
Lifetime: 40000-45000 hours
Warranty Period: 24 months
Color: Blue, Gold ,Red  
Product Size: 50*126mm
Range of Temperature: -40°~ 80°
Color Temperature:Warm white
Bluetooth Standard:Bluetooth V4.0 And Above
Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
Bluetooth Transmission Distance≦ 15m (Open Environment)
support:we support Drop Shipping
Applied range: home,mall,hotel,office,etc.
Compatible devices:SmartPhone ,MID,laptop,iPad,iPhone,PSP etc.

Package Include
1 X Bluetooth Music BULB
1 X Manual Instructions


Bluetooth Music LED Bulb lets you enjoy true Hi-Fi sound quality

The brightness of this LDE bulb can be equivalent to the brightness of an ordinary
incandescent lamp of 15W, which can fully meet the needs of home lighting.

Easy to use: Connect to Bluetooth directly to play music on your device
directly from your phone or any device that supports Bluetooth.
The built-in audio power is 3W, and everyone in the room can enjoy wonderful music.
Product Details: E27 lamp head, high-quality audio, light transmittance
up to 95%, high brightness, low energy consumption.

Supports all Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices: Ipads, laptops, etc.


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