Smart led light

Ceiling Light, Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixtures with Bluetooth Speaker 17.7inch RGB Color Changing by APP or Wireless Remote Control

Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixtures with Bluetooth Speaker RGB Color Changing by APP or Wireless Remote Control for Bedroom Living Room  (Blue/Gold).
Smart CeiLing Light/German Imported Speaker/50000 Hours Lifespan/Wide Compatibility/3-Years warranty

LED large ceiling light Fixtures RGB Dimmable Modern Acrylic Alloy 60W 220V With APP control Bluetooth Music Russia Ceiling Lights





Why You Choose Us?

1. music and lighting combination, stylish multi-function
2. energy-saving, low energy consumption, environmental protection, no flicker, no glare, good color performance.
3. acrylic material, close to the crystal, durable wear-resistant, soft lighting, protect the eyes.
4APP and remote control, you can freely adjust the light color, light mode and light brightness, and have the timing function to make your life more convenient.
5. lights 60W, audio 20W, lighting area is 1.5 times that of ordinary ceiling lamps, light transmittance of up to 95%, 1.5 times that of ordinary brands.
6. German imported aluminum alloy heat sinks have an extended service life of more than 50,000 hours.
7. This lamp has the double effect of coaxial speaker bass and treble separation frequency, vibration sound quality, power amplifier TI + DSP sound effects. Let you enjoy true Hi-Fi sound quality.
8. BBSPEAKER is our own brand. We apply for independent trademarks and patents. We have our own factory in Dongguan, China. We do our own research and development, production, and final sales. Therefore, we can guarantee good product quality.
9. We can guarantee timely delivery, all goods are generally shipped within 2 days, all products within one year warranty.
10.The ceiling lamp was designed by the German red dot award designer Enrico secci. The style is simple, giving people a noble and elegant feeling.

1.Open bluetooth of mobile equipment(cellphone,MID,PC,etc.)Search bluetooth named:"BB Speaker."
2.Upon manual operation to pair Bluetooth with your chosen mobile device, a warning tone sounds.(There should be no need for a password but if promopted to enter,put in "0000" or "1234" the BB speaker will be connected). A low-tone warning tone sounds again when disconnected.
3.Succesfully paired devices will be automatically connected the next time of use.

Product Dimensions:101*450MM
Rated Wattage:LED 60W , Speaker 20W
Input Vltage:AC110V-240V
Working Frequency:50Hz/60Hz
Color Temperature: 3000k-6500k
Luminous Flux:500-2800LM
LED Lighting Angle :270 Degree
Range ot temperature:-40°~ 80°
Lifetime : 50000 hours
Bluetooth standard:Bluetooth V4.0 and above
Distance of Bluetooth:≤15 meters
Bluetooth Protocol:A2DPV1.2/AVCRPV1.0/DIV1.3
Frequency Range:2.4GHz
Shell color of Heat-sink:Blue,Gold
Compatible devices:SmartPhone ,MID,laptop,iPad,iPhone,iPad touch,PSP etc.
APP:Support iOS ,Android compatible
Remoter:Support Remote control operation
Out Material: Aluminium Alloy + Acrylic

The ceiling lamp BC02 was designed by the German red dot award designer Enrico secci. The style is simple, giving people a noble and elegant feeling.

The ceiling light is stable, no flicker, and can effectively protect eyesight. Bring comfortable and healthy lighting to your family.


Anti-vibration Roman column:It can effectively avoid the influence of music vibration on the wall and use safety.
Ordinary Roman column:Easily affected by music vibrations, insecure use
Ferrari paint technology:Can not afford paint, no oxidation, excellent water resistance, anti-pollution ability, easy to clean.
Common paint technology:After a period of time, it is easy to get rid of paint, it is easy to oxidize, it affects beauty, and it has weak anti-fouling ability.
Dual power control: This ceiling light is internally controlled by dual power supplies, one power
control light and the other power control sound. Do not interfere with each other, long life.
Single-supply control: The same power supply controls lighting and sound, which is prone to interference,
easily damaged, and has a short lifetime.


You can use APP and remote control to freely adjust the light color and brightness. 2.56 million colors are available for selection, making your life colorful.


All devices supporting Bluetooth version 4.0 and above

Timing function: timed alarm, timed music, time switch
A variety of scene modes can be selected, different scene modes show different lighting combinations. Let the light follow your mood.

Acrylic material, soft lighting, no flicker, eye protection. Give you a comfortable, safe lighting environment

Detalhes mostram: Material acrílico, luz suave e confortável, alto-falante coaxial de frequência de agudos de subwoofer, excelente qualidade de som, show TI + DSP efeitos sonoros, tecnologia de pintura de Ferrari, não vai pintar, branco puro.
scene shows
Scenario shows

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